Continuous Oil Filtration

- Oil Saver

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Extending the life of frying oil, one drop at a time

Benefits of 10 Micron Filtration

Consistent color

Perfect product color from 6am - Midnight

Slowing the growth

of Free Fatty Acids/Total Polars

Eliminate smoking

and scorching of the oil

Reduce the frequency

of cleaning/boil outs

Remove spices/off flavors

from the oil

Continuous Filtration

(During Production)

The OilSaver is automatic, thus no operator is needed to operate the filter, and its simple design allows for easy installation.


The OilSaver pulls 10 gpm from the fryer continuously during production removing crumbs/fines from the fryer.  Once the oil has passed through the 10 micron filter media, the pump will transfer the clean/filtered oil back to the fryer.


OilSaver 300 Series

The OilSaver is an automatic, 10 micron filtration system specifically designed to remove crumbs/fines continuously from any type/make of fryer.

The primary benefit of the OilSaver

is the ability to keep frying oil in good condition on a continuous basis. With 10 filtration, the OilSaver will be able to extend the life of the frying oil, in some cases forever!


Typically, the volume of the fryer ranges from 50-275 gallons (less than one liter). Other options may be available for larger fryers (Oberlin).

Rental Filters are available for testing and application data.

Rental Fees are $1,000/month plus shipping

Rental Filters are on a first come/first served basis

Other Savings Can Include




Since the oil quality is always good, the manufacturer never has to shut the line down to change oil. Production time is very expensive.



Increase production with the reduction of boil-outs. Run production instead of sanitation.



Most of the sediment is removed within 5 minutes, thus the fryer is cleaner when the sanitation shift starts. Customers can claim savings/reduction in sanitary chemicals on a yearly basis.

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